Oil Changing Pumps

oil changer oil changer

Lawnmower Oil Changer

Includes extraction pump, waste oil container and funnel. It is important to drain oil and fuel from lawnmowers before the winter season.Otherwise residue can build up during the period of inactivity, affecting engine performance the following season.
No more scuffed knuckles...no more fear of cracking the sump pan....no more grovelling under your mower.
Use to drain sump oil and petrol from your lawnmower.
Avoid costly repairs with this simple to use kit, which removes the hassle of tipping the lawn mower which can cause engine flooding and air filter blockage.
oil changer


6lt Car, Boat, Ride On Mower, Tractor, Golf Car etc.. Oil Change Pump

Vacuum oil changer: Sucks oil out of the sump on four stroke engines. Avoids undoing difficult or damaged sump plugs, cracking sump pans, scuffing knuckles...
6 liter capacity.
Used for mowers, boats, golf cars, atv, motorcycle, cars, vans, tractors,construction equipment, vintage cars and vehicles etc.etc…
two methods possible:
1. pump out the sump with the hand operated pump.
2. create a vacuum in the tank and siphon the oil effortlessly.
Container fully sealed allowing safe disposal of the waste oil.
This tool is designed to drain Sump Oil, Fuel: petrol, TVO (kerrosine), and Diesel, Brake Fluid, Hydraulic Oil etc...etc....

oil changer oil changer